switch channel on all BSSs

Pukitis, Martins martins.pukitis at intel.com
Wed Oct 5 06:35:37 PDT 2016


hostapd_ctrl_iface_chan_switch function loops through all BSSs of the AP to switch the channel. This doesn't work (kernel returns error):

[ 1647.760000] wlan1: iftype=3, chanmode=1, radar_detect=0x00, center_freq=5180
[ 1647.770000] wdev_iter=wlan1.0
[ 1647.770000] wdev_iter=wlan1
[ 1647.770000] total=2, n_iface_combinations=1
[ 1647.780000] No suitable interface combination found

because the device driver has specified, that it can work only on a single channel (num_different_channels of ieee80211_iface_combination structure is 1). Is there a way to switch channel on all BSSs at once?


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