failure using wpa_supplicant from command line

Gucea Doru gucea.doru at
Sat Aug 27 05:26:46 PDT 2016

Hello, everyone

I am trying to connect an Android device to a Wi-Fi network using
wpa_supplicant from command line.

My setup is composed of a Nexus 4 smartphone running CM13 (Android6).
The problem seems to be specific for the Android6 configuration
because in Android4 (CM10.1) the exact same steps were followed and
everything worked as expected.

Here are the steps that I followed:

 1. killed the existing wpa_process started by default on Android. I also
 2. moved the wpa_supplicant binary to a different location for
avoiding a process respawn.
 3. wpa_supplicant -dd -Dnl80211 -iwlan0 -c./ap.conf

 - logcat messages:

As you can notice from the logcat messages, there are no error
messages (E) only debug (D) messages and the scanning/association
process is not started.

**Judging from the logcat messages do you have any idea where the problem is?**

P.S.: Just for reference, I also attach the wpa_supplicant messages
from a successful authentication (when wpa_supplicant is used
automatically by the Android framework):


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