Generating ht_capab and vht_capab

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at
Sat Aug 6 06:57:42 PDT 2016

On 06/08/16 13:04, Petko Bordjukov wrote:
> You can get inspiration from the way LEDE/OpenWrt do it:

Thank you.

Yes, that's the kind of thing. But:

1. it ignores the warning issued by iw help: "Do NOT screenscrape this
tool, we don't consider its output stable."

2. it believes the driver's advertised capabilities. I have a radio
whose driver lies about its ability to support HT40-: when you actually
try and use it it fails saying that this capability is not yet implemented.

So what I have in mind is for some tool to tell the operator what
capabilities the driver advertises, in hostapd.conf syntax, but it would
still be the operator's responsibility to select the right lines (in
line with the frequency band being used) and to prune the capabilities
both for the use case and for the kinds of lies mentioned above.

Thx, Jan

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