Client reboots, can't reconnect for 5-8 minutes?

Jouni Malinen j at
Mon Nov 23 13:14:45 PST 2015

On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 07:38:34PM -0800, Frank Rizzo wrote:
> I have hostap setup and running, with freeradius.  I connect to the
> server with an android tablet.

Which Android tablet is this and which version of Android?

> The 1st connection after a fresh reboot of the server, and the
> tablet connects IMMEDIATELY, and works fine.  If I reboot the
> tablet, it can't connect to the server for a period of time.  (Most
> recent tests were 5, and 8 minutes).  After this time has elapsed,
> it connects quickly, and works fine.  I assumed it was a long
> inactivity timeout being set, and hostap was assuming that the
> tablet was still connected, and refusing to allow it to connect
> again.  So, I added ap_max_inactivity=30.  Figuring it takes 45
> seconds for the tablet to reboot, the records should be clean when
> it go around to trying to reconnect.

hostapd does not have functionality to refuse another connection after
a new association.

Would you be able to provide debug logs from hostapd (e.g., -dt on the
command line) showing the initial connection and reconnection attempts
after the table reboot? It would also be interesting to see logcat
information from the tablet with Wi-Fi debugging enabled to show what
happens there after that reboot and how it recovers from this in 5-8

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