Hostapd AP SSID broadcast problem

Pertti Niinimäki itprosenior at
Wed Nov 18 06:34:00 PST 2015

Hi Michael,

I think my sniffer (WireShark) is catching all the traffic coming out from 
the AP
including management frames and data. As a setup sniffer is listening wlan0 
and mon.wlan0
interfaces in promiscuous mode.

During my testing there is no data traffic at all, if I keep my other AP 
(ZyXel modem/router/wifi)
not connected to any client. In that case I can see polling records from 
ZyXel, including ARP queries
and 802.11 type queries.
ZyXEL 802.11 polling’s are including correct SSID from this Access Point.
Same time interleaved with  this ZyXEL AP queries  my  Raspberry Pi/Hostapd 
is sending out ARP polling queries
(only mac and IP addresses included) but never those bit longer 802.11 
which are containing among other things SSID of the broadcasting AP.

>From the Hostap source code I’ve been trying to identify, which are the 
preconditions and timing
for 802.11 type broadcast beacons, but so far without success.

Thank you for your attention - any comments are really welcome .

Pertti Niinimäki

ps. Some problems with plain text messages (not HTML) and keeping message 
together :) 

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