Fw: Hostapd AP SSID broadcast problem

Pertti Niinimäki itprosenior at welho.com
Tue Nov 17 12:13:39 PST 2015

Hi Alex,

Just trying to be bit more clear, I'm want that hostapd is sending SSID out 
"everybody willing to listen" -  so I do not want to hide or eliminate it.
I can patch and compile Hostapd if there is any trick to make it happen.
>From the hostapd.conf point of view, I began to wonder if broadcasting of
SSID is the option not available in Hostapd?

Pertti N

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From: Pertti Niinimäki
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Subject: Re: Hostapd AP SSID broadcast problem

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your comments. Yes I have only one wireless camera at the moment.
Remote location
(my cottage) is about 100 km away, so that I'm currently operating
everything from my home location.
As you suggested I tested hostapd.conf commenting out
"ignore_broadcast_ssid" but it didn't
change the broadcast behaviour.

Some other things I found from debug data using "-d" argument. Debug records
are showing
beacon hex data and voila, SSID is correctly inserted in.
The problem seems to be that this specific beacon data is not sent out. Only
records AP is sending
out are identified as ARP queries not containing SSID.
When I'm comparing that with  trace from ZyXEL ADSL router,  it is
transmitting ARP queries and also
identified as 802.11 records which contain AP's SSID identification.

I'm not fully sure if my IPS camera is waking up when it sees correct Access
Point, but that's what
I still believe.

For my remote operations I have  ZyXEL ADSL-router with Wifi option, two
Raspberry Pi's as
LAN network, other one having internet connection with WWAN mobile stick.
If something is down I can use backup routes.

Pertti N

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From: Alexandre Epert
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To: Pertti Niinimäki
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Subject: Re: Hostapd AP SSID broadcast problem


If I understand you have 1 camera which is not working when you try to
hide SSID.

Have you tried your conf without "ignore_broadcast_ssid" option?
Do you have this problem with 1 equipment or more?

I use this hostapd.conf file :


I can hide SSID if need to with that configuration file.



2015-11-17 10:08 GMT+01:00 Pertti Niinimäki <itprosenior at welho.com>:
> Hi
> Based on WireShark analysis, I have not been able to configure Hostapd to
> broadcast SSID. My problem
> is ‘sleeping’ remote IP security camera connected via Wifi to Raspberry 
> Pi.
> Only ARP records are sent
> out periodically or when pinging the bridged static IP address for the
> camera, but no SSID broadcasting.
> Wifi is in its own subnet bridged (br0) to Raspberry and mobile PPP0
> interface.
> In the same installation but nor directly connected the SSID from  ZyXEL
> ADSL modem can be listened correctly
> with Raspberry's  WireShark.
> I compiled latest version (hostapd v2.3)  into Raspberry, replacing v1.0,
> but it  didn’t change anything.
> Testing  hostapd.conf setup for “ignore_broadcast_ssid” with different
> values was no help either
> for the problem.
> Looking into source code, it seems like value “1” should do the trick to
> beacon ssid, but no success?
> Following are  config parameters used:
> interface_wlan0
> bridge=br0
> driver=nl80211
> hw_mode=g
> channel=8
> ssid=XxXxXX (not shown)
> beacon_int=100 (ok with hostapd > 15)
> dtim_period=2
> macaddr_acl=0
> auth_algs=1
> ignore_broadcast_ssid=(0 or 1 or 2 or 3 tested)
> wpa=2
> wpa_passphrase=xxxxxxxxxx(not shown)
> wpa_key_mgmt=WPA-PSK
> wpa_pairwise=TKIP
> rsn_pairwise=CCMP
> country_code=FI
> wpa_ptk_rekey=18000
> radius_acct_interim_interval=36000 (not needed extra ?)
> The driver is:  rt2800usb
> Normally the the link Wifi-IPS camera works ok, but probably due to some
> disturbance the camera
> may be dropped out. I want to test if broadcasting AP SSID could wake it 
> up.
> Pertti Niinimäki
> itprosenior at welho.com
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