minimum code footprint for wpa_supplicant (STA, AP & P2P)

Tzoreff, Yaniv yanivt at
Tue Nov 17 01:22:00 PST 2015

Hi all, 
We would like to use the hostap and the wpa_supplicant in specific in order to activate STA, AP and P2P. 
For STA, we would like to support all kind of encryption methods. 
For AP, we don't need to have enterprise security capabilities. 
A key requirement for our implementation is to have minimum code footprint for both .text and .bss.  
I would appreciate your assistance in understanding how we can minimize the code. 
1. Can you please specify which files are must for these requirements (we are currently using WPA_supplicant files with some additions from hostapd, but I am not sure it is needed, please see attachment with files list we are using)? Should we add/remove any from the list? 
2. Are there any defines/configurations you can recommend to change in order to minimize the WPA_supplicant without degrading any basic capability (I realize basic is amorphous)? 
3. Are there any other methods/ideas for minimizing .bss or .text of wpa_supplicant? 


Yaniv Tzoreff

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