[PATCH] Support for launching Chrome browser(if present) from HS20 client

Somdas Bandyopadhyay som6000 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 02:19:41 PST 2015

PFA the patch file.

If Chrome browser is present in the device then launch Chrome browser.
Else launch the normal native browser (original flow). PFA the patch

Currently in hs20_web_browser function, native/stock Android browser
is launched. But currently most of the phones do not have native
Android present now. Android now recommends using Chrome browser.
Added the support for launching Chrome browser. First check whether
chrome browser if present. If it is present then launch chrome browser
as it is the recommended browser to use. If chrome browser is not
present in the device, then launch the native Android browser.

Thanks and regards,
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