[PATCH 13/14] ctrl: Enable adding profiles for P2P device interface

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer at intel.com
Sun Nov 1 06:20:43 PST 2015

Hi Jouni,

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> From: Jouni Malinen [mailto:j at w1.fi]
> Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2015 23:29
> To: Peer, Ilan
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH 13/14] ctrl: Enable adding profiles for P2P device
> interface
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 02:12:09PM +0000, Peer, Ilan wrote:
> > > > Redirect the commands ADD_NETWORK and SET_NETWORK from the
> global
> > > > control interface to the P2P Device interface to enable adding
> > > > netwrok profiles to the P2P Device interface.
> > These were under CONFIG_TESTING_OPTIONS since we were not aware of
> any real use case for this other than hwsim testing. They can be supported on
> global control interface without limitation AFAIC.
> In general, it may be fine to add CONFIG_TESTING_OPTIONS blocks in the
> implementation, but that is certainly not the preference and should be left for
> cases where testing cannot be done without the change. In this specific case, I
> don't see why this would need to be handled through
> wpas_global_ctrl_iface_redir_p2p(), i.e., the test script should be capable of
> directing the command to the appropriate interface directly.

Ok. Will change the test case to distinguish between a configurations with/without P2P Device interface.



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