WFA certification with connman and wpa_supplicant

James Zipperer james.zipperer
Tue Jun 23 20:28:56 PDT 2015

I'm attempting to pass WFA certification with connman + wpa_supplicant.
Has anyone had any experience doing this?

There are some WFA tests failing right now that I would expect to "just

For instance: making the right choice between two networks that have the
same SSID but different encryption settings (one SSID with WPA and one SSID
with WPA2).  Is it wpa_supplicant's responsibility to choose the WPA2
network over the WPA network, or is it a higher-level decision (namely:
connman's desicion).  Does connman tell supplicant which of the two access
points to choose?  Or does supplicant make the decision?



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