[PATCH v2 00/23] Support for new regulatory flags and P2P GO channel

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer
Sun Jun 21 12:00:21 PDT 2015

Hi Jouni,

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> Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2015 13:58
> To: Peer, Ilan
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 00/23] Support for new regulatory flags and P2P GO
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> On Wed, Apr 01, 2015 at 08:26:57PM +0000, Peer, Ilan wrote:
> > > On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 01:52:03AM +0300, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> > > > I'm finally trying to find enough time to go through this set. As
> > > > an initial step, I rebased this on top of the current master
> > > > branch and applied the clear cases for which I had no questions
> > > > (or dependencies on commits with open questions).
> > >
> > > Well, that did not get that far.. Trying again. The latest rebased
> > > and a bit cleaned up set of the remaining patches is here:
> > > http://w1.fi/p/p2p-go-regulatory-flags/
> > >
> >
> > These look ok with the exception of the attached patches that fixes an issue
> I encountered while testing this with a single channel. Also did some testing
> with 2 channels.
> It looks like this is just not going to happen with the remaining set of the
> patches.. My main concern is on the concurrent GO rule changes and indoor
> operation related rules. I tried to push those to the end of the patch set and
> to pull in the other commits, but that did not succeed either since there are
> number of changes in behavior which I don't think I agree with and well, at
> minimum, they would require hwsim test case changes to maker things pass
> again (about 10 test cases fail with these applied).
> In other words, I think I'm going to give up trying. I pushed the current
> rebased version here http://w1.fi/p/p2p-go-regulatory/ and I'm dropping the
> old patches from my pending queue.
> If you still want to get some of these in, please split the attempt to three parts
> (things that do not touch regulatory rules, things that allow something extra
> for GO based on an association, things that have something to do with indoor
> rules). We can then go through those subsets one-by-one and see if I can
> agree with the changes. With each subset, there should be updates to hwsim
> test cases or verification that no failures are added.

Thanks for not giving up on these. I'll see how can make this better. I think that I'll focus mostly on the channel switch cases and also try to add the real channel switch support. 

Once again, thanks for spending them time on this.


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