[PATCH 00/19] Extend P2PS support

Stepanov, Max Max.Stepanov
Sun Jun 21 00:57:10 PDT 2015

>From: hostap-bounces at lists.shmoo.com [mailto:hostap-bounces at lists.shmoo.com] On Behalf Of Jouni Malinen
>Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2015 20:00
>Applied patches 17-19. Patches 11-14 are still in my queue. Though, based on
>the email exchange on patch 13/19, I'm waiting for an updated version of that
>patch. I'll likely wait with all those four P2PS Feature Capability related patches
>for that. In addition, it would be a nice addition if there were a patch adding a
>hwsim test case to show this new capability from the four pending patches in

Jouni, let's discard patches 11-14. I'll send an new patch set when it's ready.


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