Key-press based activation of wpa_gui and the hard-coded system tray icon

Ondřej Grover ondrej.grover
Tue Jun 16 11:01:16 PDT 2015


thank you for your quick reply.

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 5:19 PM, Jouni Malinen <j at> wrote:

> I would have wanted the behavior to be such that if wpa_gui is started
> with the same parameters as an already running instance, that already
> running instance is brought into foreground instead of starting a new
> process. The last time I looked at this was years ago and at that point
> in time, some of the Qt features that would have made this easy were not
> part of the free version, if I remember correctly. I'd hope that that
> has changed since then, though.
This option also came to my mind, but I figured it would be very
complicated to compare all these things and to get control of the running
process, so some specific IPC mechanism would have to be added, so I didn't
really consider it as a viable solution.

> Regardless of other possible alternatives, this sound like a fine
> addition that may have other uses as well.
Ok, I'll try to create a patch.

> I'm not sure whether this would be the easiest and most obvious solution
> for users in general, i.e., I'd rather get the
> bring-main-window-to-foreground behavior on new wpa_gui launch if
> wpa_gui was already running.
The keybinding based solution wasn't really about what to do when wpa_gui
is started, but rather how to register some keybindings for some actions of
a wpa_gui process minimized in the system tray.
This would have the benefit over the other solutions that orther windows
could be also very quickly accessible via a keybinding, e.g. the scan

> there would need to be an option to force starting a new process
> regardless of what else may already be running.
I definitely agree with that.

Kind regards,
Ond?ej Grover
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