[HS20][iOS] Issue between HS 2.0 and iOS device

Adrian Moran adrian.moran
Tue Jun 16 07:14:57 PDT 2015

we have identified an issue with the HS 2.0 and the iOS devices since these
latters are not able to identify the signal as HS 2.0 capable (tested on
iPhone and iPad with both, iOS 7 and iOS 8). The issue is related to the
"HS 2.0 Indication Element" propagated in the beacon frames.

By default, hostapd inserts a "HS 2.0 Indication Element" with the optional
field "ANQP Domain ID". It seems that iOS is not able to decode this field.
The workaround to the issue was, in my case, disabling the default
inclusion of "HS 2.0 Indication Element" (hs20=0) and insert it manually
with vendor_elements=dd05506f9a1010.

I would like to inform here about the issue just in case other folk has to
face the same issue. The hostapd daemon is fully compliant with the HS 2.0
R2 technical specifications so I think the issue lays on the iOS

Thank you so much,

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