[802.11r][HS20] Compatibility issues

Jouni Malinen j
Thu Jun 11 13:33:22 PDT 2015

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 11:08:18AM +0200, Adrian Moran wrote:
> I have been making some tests with 11r and also with HS 2.0. I have two APs
> properly configured to both, operate with 802.11r ando to poperate with HS
> 2.0 capabilities. The issue comes when I try to perform a handover with 11r
> using at the same time HS 2.0, I mean:
> - I connect the terminal (Samsung S4) to one AP without using HS 2.0
> (adding manually the EAP profile) and it roams perfectly to second AP using
> 11r.
> - But, when I connect the terminal using HS 2.0 (profile autogeneration) it
> is not able to roam from one Ap to another using 11r.

Have you tried with any other client device? Do you have any reason to
believe that the client you used enables FT for Hotspot 2.0 networks?

> I think the problem lies on the config line below:
> wpa_key_mgmt=FT-EAP WPA-EAP
> Probably, the HS 2.0 profile generation selects WPA-EAP instead of FT-EAP,
> but I am not sure of this.

That depends on implementation so that is likely to be quite device
specific. As far as wpa_supplicant is concerned, only WPA2-Enterprise
(WPA-EAP) was included in the initial implementation and FT support was
added about a year ago (commit 270c9a43e6433a2d6faebfbdd04d72d32239829c,
'Interworking: Allow FT to be used for connection').

> On the other hand, Jouni points me some time ago to the 802.11ai amendment
> as a mean to enhance handover experience. Is there any plan to include
> support of it in hostapd in the near future?

802.11ai is still somewhat of a moving target, but yes, there is a plan
to get at least a partial implementation of the latest draft available.

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