SIGSEGV in Supplicant

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer
Tue Jun 2 06:47:24 PDT 2015


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> Subject: Re: SIGSEGV in Supplicant
> Hi,
> Thanks for your suggestion.
> Your assumption about a pending querry that was not started is probably
> correct but I cannot confirm it since I do not have a way to reproduce this

Np, although I'm not sure that this is the case from the partial log u gave. 

> issue. For the same reason I am unable to test your patch and give you a
> feedback. I have two questions though :
> 1- If this (the crash) happens for gas_query isn't it likely that it will happen for
> other usage of the the circular list ?

If this is the case then it is specific the GAS data structures.

> 2- if we call radio_remove_works(wpa_s, "gas-query", 0); in
> wpa_supplicant_cleanup() as suggested by your patch, should we keep the
> other call of the same function in radio_remove_interface.
> (radio_remove_works(wpa_s, NULL, 0);) ? Note that gas_query_start_cb will
> be called again in this function with deinit=1.

The other call removes all the other radio works, so it is still needed. At this point all the GAS radio works should have been removed, so it should be ok. Regardless, this was only a quick fix that needs to be tested.



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