multiple instances, each for a different interface

Ireneusz Szcześniak irek.szczesniak at
Mon Dec 28 06:08:25 PST 2015

Thank you, Jouni.  I did this, and it's working fine!  Specifically in 
Debian, I'm passing those two config files in /etc/default/hostapd:

DAEMON_CONF="/etc/hostapd/gonzo.conf /etc/hostapd/ula.conf"

I wonder, however, how a single non-threaded process is able to handle 
two APs.  I guess it must be using some non-blocking operations.

Thanks & best,

W dniu 28.12.2015 o 14:50, Jouni Malinen pisze:
> On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 08:51:56AM +0100, Ireneusz Szcześniak wrote:
>> I'm running hostapd v2.3 on Debian Jessie 8.2.  I need to create two
>> access points for two different network interfaces: one AP for
>> wlan0, the other for wlan1.
>> As far as I know, one instance of hostapd handles a single interface.
>> What is the preferred way of solving the problem?  Two instances of
>> hostapd, each with its own config file?
> Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, I'd use a single hostapd
> process with two config files.

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