PATCH : consider the case of one interface per radio

Jouni Malinen j at
Thu Dec 24 10:38:52 PST 2015

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 02:54:55PM +0000, Ben Abdessalem, AmrX wrote:
> Some wifi chips use one interface per radio and not multiple interfaces in the same radio, 
> This patch should cover both cases.
> Could you please consider it for merging ?

This would require significantly more detailed commit message, but in
any case, I don't think I understand how this could be a valid change in
its current form.

All this does is add a loop over all configured interfaces in a
wpa_supplicant process and then go through each other interface on the
same radio. That itself does not make much sense since it would be much
simpler to just go through the full list of interfaces and ignore the
wpa_s->radio->ifaces list completely.

It is not clear that all different radios or drivers in the system
support P2P use cases. As such, it is not really a safe change to claim
all used frequencies to be shared for number of the
get_shared_radio_freqs_data() callers. It would require much more
consideration on which radio to use for the P2P use cases to make sense.

Since the commit message is not clear, I do not know what exactly this
is trying to achieve. I'm going to be dropping this version and if you
have more detailed description of each of the P2P case that this is
addressing, those can be obviously considered, but I think the changes
required for that are going to significantly more than this type of
one-liner (or well, two-liner ignoring the indentation changes).

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