PATCH : consider the case of one interface per radio

Ben Abdessalem, AmrX amrx.ben.abdessalem at
Tue Dec 22 08:43:35 PST 2015

The faced issue was in this case : the wifi chip uses interface per radio, wlan0 interface is connected to an AP, (so we do have a shared freq), after that if we try to do a P2P connection (so it will be on another radio) a check for shared frequency would be done (so we can use the same STA freq for P2P if we run best channel algorithm for P2P during the connection)  but it returns any shared freq, since it will check just on the radio of P2P interface,
I tested it with multi radio chip / single radio, and it seems to me that it worked well,
with mcc=1, I think we will use the P2P GO  freq anyway, which was already set, am I right?


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> Hi,
> Some wifi chips use one interface per radio and not multiple 
> interfaces in the same radio, This patch should cover both cases.
> Could you please consider it for merging ?

I think that this approach would break some use cases. For example in case of several radios and a new P2P Client connection on a radio with mcc=1, it might declare frequency conflict although there is no such conflict  (in case a frequency is in use on a another radio).

Regardless, this is also wrong for a case where there are several interfaces on the same radio in which case that radio freqs would be iterated for each interface.

What are u trying to solve?



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