HostAP, accounting Stop, and input/output octets

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Dec 18 08:50:48 PST 2015

 I've had a report that HostAP doesn't send Acct-Input-Octets / Acct-Output-Octets in Accounting-Request packets with Acct-Status-Type = Stop.

 Some spelunking through the code leads me to believe that this is likely.  src/ap/accounting.c has:

static void accounting_sta_report(struct hostapd_data *hapd,
				  struct sta_info *sta, int stop)

	if (accounting_sta_update_stats(hapd, sta, &data) == 0) {
		... add octet counters


 The accounting_sta_update_stats() function returns -1 if hostapd_drv_read_sta_data() fails.

 What would be better is if it sent the last stats even if that function failed.  Patch is attached.  90% of the change is indentation.

 Alan DeKok.

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