how to enable the internal client crypto on WPA_supplicant

Achuthan Paramanathan acp at
Thu Dec 3 01:47:20 PST 2015

Dear all, 

I am currently playing around with wpa_supplicant and as it is now, then the default crypto for an EAP-TLS connection, OPENSSL. 
However, I would like to enable the internal  one, ie, CONFIG_TLS_INTERNAL_CLIENT

I am pretty new to this wpa_supplicant stuff .. And so far only  build the whole wpa_supplicant as it is, no changes to the make file or build config. 

Any idea where to add this compiler flag ? or how to enable the internal crypto?  

Iv'e tried to add /enable  USE_INTERNAL_CRYPTO under /src/utils/build_config.h 

But when I build, it does not seems to have any impact .the default OpenSSL is still valid, am I doing something wrong here? 

Ps.: I assume the internal crypto, is similar to OpenSSL.just that it is WPA_Supplicants own version of a TLS similar to OpenSSL and GNUSSL ? 

Thx in advance 

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