Execute wpa_supplicant on Android 5.1 or higher

Stefano Cappa stefano.cappa
Sun Aug 30 16:40:57 PDT 2015

i?ve a problem.

I started wpa_supplicant manually on Nexus 5 in this way:
-I modified the wpa_supplicant.conf with this line: ctrl_interface=/data/misc/wifi/sockets
-And finally I started wpa_supplicant specifying the network interface and the config file.
-Everything was ok, on Android 5.0.2.

But now, on Android 5.1.1 (Nexus5), I can?t do that, because in "/data/misc/wifi/sockets? there aren?t sockets (like wlan0, p2p0).
How can i start wpa_supplicant on 5.1?

PS: with a Nexus 9, this happens also with Android 5.0, only on a Nexus5 this problem appears with 5.1

Thank you,

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