wpa_supplicant takes several minutes to join WPA2 protected network

Jacob Siverskog jacob
Wed Aug 26 04:16:29 PDT 2015

I want to bump the wpa_supplicant version I'm running, but I'm running
into issues where it sometimes takes several minutes to join a WPA2
protected network. The previous version (provided by Texas
Instruments, based on 2.1) didn't have this issue. The more recent
version provided by TI (based on 2.4) also contain the issue.

I have tried the latest master (355a5c8) and it shows the same behavior.

System information:
- Linux 3.13
- 4.1-rc1 backports (mac80211 etc)
- TI wl18xx WIFI
- AP SSID 'te-test5G', BSSID 14:cc:20:b4:e0:13 (seen with other APs
and channels as well)

wpa_supplicant config:

What happens is that wpa_supplicant hangs at "wlan0-sta: State:
GROUP_HANDSHAKE -> COMPLETED" for several minutes, after which it
usually recover and authenticates successfully. This currently occurs
about 5-10% of the time, at least with this combination of system and
access point (but I've seen it with other systems and other APs).

Is there any way to debug this further?

Log (I've added a few comments starting with #, look for blocks with
empty lines) available at http://pastebin.com/TwgrQaGT .

Thanks, Jacob

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