wpa supplicant handling of P2P invitation

Atul Joshi Atul.Joshi
Sat Aug 22 00:42:29 PDT 2015

According to P2P specification, if the local sned sends invitation request to invoke a persistent group, the peer may send the invitation response with status "fail: Information currently unavailable".

A P2P Device that receives an Invitation Request frame to re-invoke a Persistent Group  and responds with a P2P Invitation Response frame with a Status attribute with the Status Code field set to "Fail: information is currently unavailable" shall behave as follows:

?    If a response is received from higher layers within 120 seconds (e.g. as a result of user input) authorizing the request, the invited P2P Device shall restart the Invitation procedure by sending an Invitation Request frame to the requesting P2P Device.

In the code in supplicant in function p2p_process_invitation_resp, I  could not find the handling of the status code "fail: Information currently unavailable".
Am I  missing some thing?


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