A question on P2P Remain on channel (ROC)

Atul Joshi Atul.Joshi
Fri Aug 7 06:05:03 PDT 2015

I can see from wpa_supplicant code that

1.       The find phase is implemented in supplicant using ROC as follows

a.       Scan on social channels

b.      Create ROC with duration ~ {100/200/300 msec}

c.       During the ROC if we  receive a probe request the probe response is sent.

2.       If during this ROC, a GO-negotiation.request is received, the supplicant send GO-negotiation.response and uses the wait_time as 500 msec.

3.       Since the current ROC may be active, then mac80211 will not send the frame as a part of the active ROC (since the duration required is < duration available)

4.       This will lead mac80211 to wait for the current ROC to finish and then schedule a new ROC

5.       This in turn could lead to delays > 100 msec in sending GO-negotiation.response and the procedure would fail.
In this case should the supplicant not stop ongoing ROC and restart the new one?
Is my understanding correct? Or am I missing something?


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