EAPOL frame drops in hostapd by enabling bridge

Gujrathi, Tushar IN PUN STS tushar.gujrathi
Wed Aug 5 06:02:49 PDT 2015


I have an issue with hostapd in my system.
I have a wireless communication system, which was working smoothly until I enabled WPA2 a week back.
To explain system communication part of it,
> Client Device: Runs wpa_supplicant, has a wireless interface wlan0.
> Wireless Access Point (AP):     Runs hostapd, on wlan0 interface,
* it has two Ethernet interfaces, namely eth0 and eth1. They are bonded together into bond0 of mode 1,
* there is bridge br0 created for bond0
> Server device:  which is connected to bond0 of AP via Ethernet interface.

Communication system is up and running nicely, without WPA2 enabled.
If I enable WPA2-PSK in both wpa_supplicant in client and corresponding hostapd in AP, and by enabling bridge at AP, hostapd drops EAPOL frames.

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