kernel 3.15 and hostap under a bridge

Tomas M tmezzadra
Mon Sep 29 07:36:06 PDT 2014

this is not a Red hot chili pepers song! ;)

I have configured hostAP under archlinux. and it is working correctly under
bridged mode.

but since the upgrade to linux 3.15. i cannot transmit data through the
hostap clients.

they can ping the server's IP. but not the default gateway.

my network is
hostap AP is at
the default gateway is
a client is

11.11 can ping 11.10
11.11 cannot ping 11.1

only software change is from kernel 3.14 to 3.15 (and 3.16 also).

I have been searching on what changes to the kernel might affect hostpad
behaviour without luck!

Wireless hardware is ath9k


Tomas M.
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