[PATCH] Android: Skip explicit conf_p2p_dev loading for main interface

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer
Mon Sep 29 04:05:03 PDT 2014

Hi Dmitry,

My original reply was bounced by the moderator ? so here it is again:

You are correct; the ?m switch does not currently make much sense in case of netdev interface used for P2P_DEVICE operations (and also there is no need to specify it for the main interface).

The first call to wpa_supplicant_add_interface() add the network interface, but in that case iface->p2p_mgmt would not be set, so checking would allow to skip reading the p2p device configuration file.
After the netdev interface is created, the code creates an additional interface for the P2P Device management (only if one does not exist and the underlying device supports it). So in this case wpas_p2p_add_p2pdev_interface() is called, and only in this case iface->p2p_mgmt is set.

So bottom line, I think that a cleaner fix would be to base the reading on the setting of iface->p2p_mgmt.



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