eap authenticator

Shvedov Yury yshvedov
Wed Sep 24 00:51:37 PDT 2014


I'm trying to implement eap psk/802.1x authentication in my own project. 
The only full implementation I ever seen is in hostapd project. As I 
know, freeRadius implements only 802.1x PMK assembling and 4-way 
handshake I must do by myself (please, correct me).

So, to pull out eapol_auth from hostapd and put it to my project 
correctly, I have to implement environment of hostapd such as eloop. 
This is not problem, but problem is in thread safety. My project have 
multi-thread nature unlike hostapd.

The question is: can someone give me an advice about thread-protection 
of hostapd eap authenticator? Does each call use some global data or I 
can leave some calls without lock supposing that each entity (wireless 
client) handles in only one thread?

Thank you.

Kind regards
Yury Shvedov

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