AW: AW: WPA2-PSK and WPA-EAP together?

Conrad Kostecki ck
Tue Sep 9 01:37:43 PDT 2014

> I don't think this is a wpa_supplicant issue; 0.6.9 should work fine
> with this type of AP. However, the WLAN driver that is used here seems
> to be unable to associate with the AP when requested to use WPA2-PSK.
> The success case with WPA2-EAP removed shows that the exact same
> sequence from wpa_supplicant requesting connection results in a
> successful association, so I'd assume something about the AP's RSN
> element information in the EAP+PSK case gets the driver confused. So
> yes, looks like this won't be working unless you were able to update
> that driver (and potentially firmware) with a fixed one.. In other
> words, using two BSSes may be needed to get this working in practice
> with that set of station devices.

Thanks for investigation my logs. As the SqueezeBox is getting old, I doubt,
that there will be ever an updated firmware. The build-in Wi-Fi is btw. atheros.

I've never used two BSS before. So I am not sure, If I understand this correctly?
Does this mean, I can setup two SSIDs with one card, one only PSK, the other one EAP?
Does ath10k supports this?


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