[PATCH 3/4] notify: Do not raise any signal from a P2P management interface

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka
Thu Oct 23 01:54:27 PDT 2014


>> Such interface is not registered on DBus, thus there is no need to raise
>> any signal from it.
> Could this be done in one place instead of sprinkling these if 
> statements? 

I tried to find such centralization place with no luck. Maybe I missed it.

It follows what have been done already. If you take a look at dbus 
signal handlers,
they will all verify that the dbus iface is up (so basically that the 
DBusConnection is set).
Same for many object path on some parts etc...

Anyway, since the P2P mgmt interface is not really differentiated from 
other interface,
though there are huge difference (it's not a netdev on first place), 
it's instantiated as a
wpa_supplicant struct, which makes such notification verification hard 
to centralize.
Afaik, unless a big rewrite, this is not possible.

Either we inhibit those notifications for the P2P dev from the code that 
calls them,
the dbus handlers or the notification code itself. I choose the later one.


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