Roaming between 2 APs with WDS

Víctor Andrés victor
Thu Oct 16 03:44:16 PDT 2014

Dear Dan,
Thanks for the reply.

I?m actually don?t know what scanning mode am I using. How can I check 
if it?s passive or active?

Thanks in advance.


El 14/10/2014 17:58, Dan Williams escribi?:
>> I need to transmit data at 1000 Hz, so with this time searching, I have
>> small breaks in the flow data. The data aren't lost, but in the flow
>> data you can see that small stops.
>> Any other alternative? I think less than 100 ms of searching and
>> transmitting is not possible, isn't it?
> No, it certainly is possible with active scanning.  Can you confirm that
> active scanning is not being used, and if so, try to enable that?
> Dan

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