[PATCH] Make wpa_ctrl_get_remote_ifname declaration conditional.

Toby Gray toby.gray
Mon Oct 13 02:41:27 PDT 2014

On 12/10/14 17:53, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Thanks, applied. That said, I only applied this since this was for
> wpa_ctrl.h which is used by external programs. I'm not planning on any
> extra #ifdef blocks to rest of the header files where number of
> prototypes are defined for functions that are included into build
> conditionally.

That's entirely understandable. I probably should have added a bit more 
context: I'm using swig to provide a Python wrapper for wpa_ctrl.h. 
Without this change swig will generate references to 
wpa_ctrl_get_remote_ifname when processing wpa_ctrl.h.

Obviously using wpaspy would be an alternative to using swig to wrap 



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