Commits 86bd36f0d5b3d359075c356d68977b4d2e7c9f71 and dc152f32b4fd8af8ec055e3d551523e62792a585 caused breakage

Jouni Malinen j
Sun Oct 12 07:07:05 PDT 2014

On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 01:08:06PM +0200, David Coppa wrote:
> Code added by commits 86bd36f0d5b3d359075c356d68977b4d2e7c9f71 (Add
> generic mechanism for adding vendor elements into frames) and
> dc152f32b4fd8af8ec055e3d551523e62792a585 (wpa_supplicant: Enable
> HT for IBSS) makes use of functions from src/common/ieee802_11_common.c,
> i.e. ieee802_11_parse_elems() and ieee80211_freq_to_chan().
> Those commits broke builds configured without CONFIG_DRIVER_NL80211,
> (just like our port for OpenBSD) because NEED_80211_COMMON is never
> defined:

> And, indeed, the simple workaround below allows me to successfully
> build wpa_supplicant-2.3 on OpenBSD:
> @@ -1391,9 +1391,7 @@ OBJS += sme.o
> -ifdef NEED_80211_COMMON
>  OBJS += ../src/common/ieee802_11_common.o
> -endif

Thanks for reporting this. Functionality from that file is needed in so
many different cases that I think it is time for the NEED_80211_COMMON
complexity to disappear and get ieee802_11_common.c included
unconditionally into wpa_supplicant builds.

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