pmksa_cache not thread-safe ?

Sergey Korolew ds
Sat Oct 4 00:32:22 PDT 2014

Hello !

I have several access points with OpenWrt and hostapd-2014-06-03. After enabling pmksa_caching in config
access points entered 100% CPU utilisation after some time (and several clients). CPU consumed by
hostapd process. I found many other user's reports about this problem, for example

Quick looking on the pmksa_cache_auth.c found what its totally non-threadsafe and full of possible
eternal loops if accessed simultaneosly :) for example in functions pmksa_cache_free_entry() and
pmksa_cache_link_entry() chain can be damaged and looped forever.

It is possible to add some locking ?

 Sergey                          mailto:ds at

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