[RFC][PATCH] wpa-supplicant: add capability to run action script directly

John Spencer maillist-hostap
Thu Nov 27 04:59:04 PST 2014

Instead of having to run wpa_cli as a service to be able to execute an 
action script on CONNECT/DISCONNECT events (for the purpose of being
able to get a DHCP address or assign one manually), it is much simpler
and less resource-consuming to just run the action script directly from
wpa_supplicant, which runs anyway.
The dbus functionality is no option either as it requires running a 
daemon permanently as well (plus dbus may not even be installed, as is 
the case on sabotage linux).

The action script pathname is specified via a action_script variable in 
the global section of wpa_supplicant.conf

example action script:
case "$state" in
CONNECTED) dhclient "$itf" ;;
DISCONNECTED) ifconfig "$itf" down ;;

Please note that the code to pass the SSID of the connected wifi as a 
third parameter doesn't seem to work atm (only passes an empty string).

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