Doubt regarding HESSID configuration variable

Jouni Malinen j
Thu Nov 13 01:53:53 PST 2014

On Wed, Nov 05, 2014 at 05:44:02PM +0530, Sreenath S wrote:
> As per README-HS20, HESSID configuration variable can use used to
> filter scan results if interworking is enabled.

> # Homogenous ESS identifier
> # If this is set, scans will be used to request response only from BSSes
> # belonging to the specified Homogeneous ESS. This is used only if interworking
> # is enabled.
> #hessid=00:11:22:33:44:55

That did not say "filter"..

> But I am not able to test this in wpa_supplicant. Even I couldn't see
> any code which uses the hessid mentioned in configuration file while
> processing scan results.

.. because that is not the way this is supposed to work.

> Can you please tell how to use this hessid field?

The hessid parameter, if set, adds the HESSID into Probe Request frames
to request only the APs with matching HESSID to reply. There is no
change to the local processing of scan results.

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