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Tue Nov 11 02:41:51 PST 2014

Dear all,

after some unsuccessful trials to get AP mode working on the 5G band (using 802.11ac) with various mPCIe cards, I'm out of ideas... ?I tried the Intel 7260 (ac model) and the Broadcom BCM4360 in depth others just in short. The first one is internally restricting IR due to regulation of the 5G band and therefore not able to act as AP (even though promoting AP mode). The later simply doesn't have AP mode at all. Since the hostapd software is the piece of software I'm going to run my AP with, I hope someone may have any thoughts on my issue.

Are there any working (m)PCI(e) adapters out there suitable to run an AP at 5G (using 802.11ac)?

Does someone have a working dualband (using two adapters one for 11n at 2G and one for 11ac at 5G) setup she/he is willing to share? I appreciate any thoughts on this.


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