[PATCH 11/12] mesh: Send peering open frame again if beacon from listen state peer is received

Nishikawa, Kenzoh Kenzoh.Nishikawa
Sat Nov 8 22:36:12 PST 2014

> Ah, too bad.  I guess authsae must suffer from this same problem then if SAE succeeds but plink establishment > fails, as it doesn't delete peers inside the ampe.c state machine.  Hmm.

Using the existence of a sta_info as a flag of peering success is the root cause of this problem.

Peering should be managed by the state machine independently.
A sta_info should be related to the existence of the node, the beacon of the node independently.
So the existence of a sta_info should not be related to the peering success.

I think the original patch and the patch to be committed to the open80211s can solve the problem.

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