wpa_supplicant daemon is blocking

Flavius-Mihai Lazar lazarflavius88
Tue May 27 07:50:46 PDT 2014

Hello everybody,

I'm developing an application on an embedded linux device on top of
wpa_supplicant daemon. I'm using the wpa_ctrl interface to interact with
the daemon.
My problem is that after 200-300 commands sent to wpa_supplicant daemon
(mainly scan, scan_results, add_network, set_network, enable_nework)
wpa_ctrl_request() returns timeout (-2) and if I continue to send commands
then after another 5-6 commands it will stop returning timeout and the call
simply hangs forever. Restarting the wpa_supplicant daemon seems to fix the
problem, but implementing such a mechanism in my application is not easy
and straightforward and I would avoid this.

The network to which I'm connecting is using WPA2 authentication.
The version of wpa_supplicant that I use is 0.7.3.

Researching on the internet, I found a few posts with this problem, but no
answer. So, please help!

Thank you and looking forward for your answers!
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