Help needed in understanding hostapd design

Balaramulu Paduchuri p.balaramulu
Mon May 26 06:25:10 PDT 2014

Hi all,

 I am trying to understand hostapd source code since some days and i struck
with following questions in my mind. I checked the developer documentation
before coming here. Also i don't have driver experience before.

   1. I learnt that, driver specific functionality will be written in
   driver_xxx.c in src/drivers directory. But what is the difference between
   driver_nl80211.c( This is for configuring wireless adapter using netlink)
   and driver_hostap.c Do we have to use both for a wireless adapter ? Suppose
   if device supports cfg80211, then also do we need driver_hostap.c
   2. How driver_nl802.11.c functions will be triggered ?
   3. How the config information from hostapd.conf will be passed to
   wireless driver stack ?

Thanks in advance,

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