How to handle EAP failure in custom EAP method

khali singh khali3620
Mon May 19 01:26:30 PDT 2014


I am implementing a custom EAP method. I am wondering how can a register a
function on the peer/supplicant side that gets called when there is EAP
Failure received from the Radius server. This is necessary to allow the
user to take necessary actions.

I didn't find any other EAP methods that seem to do this.
for example:
eap->init = eap_sake_init;
eap->deinit = eap_sake_deinit;
eap->process = eap_sake_process;
eap->isKeyAvailable = eap_sake_isKeyAvailable;
eap->getKey = eap_sake_getKey;
eap->get_emsk = eap_sake_get_emsk;

Can there be a function eap->failure=eap_sake_failure.

If not, where I can add code to do some necessary stuff to handle EAP
failure on the supplicant side.

Khali Singh
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