Wifi Direct GO Negotiation

Arend van Spriel arend
Tue May 13 06:00:53 PDT 2014

On 05/13/14 14:03, Andrea Chittano wrote:
> Hi, my name is Andrea.
> I'm working on WiFi Direct and I found a thread about it.
> I've some doubts about it.
> Let's suppose we have 2 devices. Let's call D1 and D2.
> Let's suppose D1 sends a request of connection to D2 (D1 doesn't known
> D2 so no persistent connection there exist).
> The first step that wpa_supplicant on D1 is to send a GO negotiation
> request containing, among all,GO intent (of D1).
> I want to understand how wpa_supplicant on D2 acquires the GO intent of
> D2 in order to compare it with whichone sent by D1.
> Can someone explain me this?

Both devices have their own go intent configuration in wpa_supplicant 
configuration file. D2 sends own go intent value in the GO negotiation 
response. The device with the highest GO intent will become GO.


> Thanks,
> Andrea
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