[PATCH 1/2] supplicant: Use high-priority queue for management packets.

Johannes Berg johannes
Fri Jan 31 12:06:18 PST 2014

On Fri, 2014-01-31 at 09:23 -0800, Ben Greear wrote:

> Well, how many drivers are there, anyway?  Maybe a simple grep would show
> any conflicts.  I'll go poke around this when I get a chance.

I'd be more concerned about those drivers you *don't* know about, all
those proprietary or semi-open drivers that use cfg80211/nl80211.

Personally though, I'm not concerned, I know of no such driver that's
worth worrying about, but Jouni might disagree :)

> > The obvious other alternative would be to just do this in the kernel,
> > assigning high priority to any packets that have
> > tx->sdata->control_port_protocol == tx->skb->protocol (speaking in
> > mac80211 language) - a number of drivers already do some special things
> >
> > I'm not entirely sure that's a better solution overall, but in terms of
> > driver compatibility it would certainly be less risky.
> In the past, there was a big push to move/keep 'policy' out of the kernel
> and into user-space.  You would be doing the opposite.
> Your suggestion, unless backported, would not fix older kernels
> either.

Yeah, I'm not sure that's better. But I'm not sure relying on a
special/magic API is better either? It's a grey area for sure ...


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