Willing to subsidize support of 802.1x 2010 in wpa_supplicant

Eric Beaudoin ebeaudoin
Tue Jan 7 10:18:03 PST 2014


I work for Media5 and some of our customers would like to use our boxes in a
802.1x 2010/MACsec environment.
So we are ready to subsidize ($$$) the development and testing of 802.1x
protocol version 3.

Anyone interested in providing the modified wpa_supplicant code and some
integration support can contact me directly at "hostap media5corp com".

P.S: Our goal is to implement 802.1ae (MACsec) so we are open to proposals
in that area as well.
P.P.S: New code must be under BSD license.

Eric Beaudoin
Product Architect 
Media5 Corporation

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