[PATCH] WPS: make wps pin connection work with wpa_cli command

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Dec 24 09:56:27 PST 2014

On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 08:27:44PM +0100, abdoulaye berthe wrote:
> Well, I am using the following command on android 5.0
> wpa_cli -p /data/misc/wifi/sockets/ -i wlan0 wps_pbc any
> wpa_cli -p /data/misc/wifi/sockets/ -i wlan0 wps_pin any 12345670

I'm hoping you are using only one of those commands at a time..

> The device does not get connected.
> wpa_s->scan_res_handler is set to scan_only_handler() that is why
> network selection is not triggered.The handler is set to
> scan_only_handler() in wpas_ctrl_scan by default.

wpas_ctrl_scan() does this only for a single scan when the SCAN command
explicitly requests this. Once that scan is completed, WPS_PBC or
WPS_PIN command should not be using that special scan handler.

Are you issuing WPS_PBC/WPS_PIN while the previous SCAN TYPE=ONLY
operation is still in progress?

Could you please share wpa_supplicant debug log showing a case where
WPS did not work? (E.g., logcat with wpa_supplicant debug verbosity

> The idea of the patch is to avoid calling the scan_only_handler() when
> wps_searching is true.

That does not sound like something that should be needed, i.e.,
something else is going wrong here if wpa_s->scan_res_handler is set to
scan_only_handler while you are trying to perform a WPS operation.

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