Wpa_supplicant+wpa_cli P2P Go and client at the same time

Stefano Cappa stefano.cappa
Mon Dec 15 12:01:32 PST 2014

I have a question, probably very stupid but i only want to be sure:

1) With wpa_supplicant+wpa_cli it's possible for a P2P GO to be a P2P Client in another network at the same time? If yes, this feature is also available on Android devices Kitkat/Lollipop?

2) If 1 is not possibile, can i execute wifi Direct protocol with 2 different instances of wpa_supplicant+wpa_cli on two different network interfaces (p2p0 and another one created for example with ip/iw/ifconfig...) and implement the previous feature? Or i need something more sophisticated?

Thank you very much.
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