revert fix for Nokia N900 WPA-EAP connect problems

David Fries david
Fri Mar 29 21:27:27 PDT 2013

Jouni Malinen,
Cc'ed, you as your name was on the commit I seem to be having problems

Since the commit
"EAPOL auth: Disconnect after IEEE 802.1X failure"
was applied to hostapd, the Nokia N900 is having problems connecting
to hostapd for me.  I'm running hostapd with WPA-EAP TTLS, MSCHAPV2,
and Integrated EAP server.

It seems like the first time I try to connect, as in start hostapd,
connect, it doesn't have any problems.  But if I disconnect, and
reconnect within some time window, that's when I have problems.
Sometimes I'll tell the N900 to connect, and it will blink the WiFi
network until it timesout and asks to try again.  Other times, as I
have the N900 certificate encryped, it will prompt me for the
password, then immediately turn around and prompt me again, in which
case the connection will succeed, but after a few minutes (9 minutes
in one case), it will drop while hostapd is trying to rekey.

I updated today to commit ce26864e79144cba12d5ff98632570593cc57b8a and
still see the problem.  If I apply the following patch, which mostly
reverts the earlier commit fd8e4fda506f3 I mentioned, I can connect
and disconnect without any problems.

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