two AP on one device

snowy.mail at snowy.mail
Fri Mar 1 08:40:12 PST 2013

Hi Martin,

thank you for your reply.

Am 01.03.2013 01:33, schrieb Martin:
> either remove wlan0 from auto lo eth0....

unfortunately, this does not change the behavior.

I switched off ifplugd for wlan0; then hostapd creates wlan0, changes
its mac according to the given bssid and creates the AP.
However, if I try to add a second ssid (just bss and ssid, no further
entries in hostapd.conf), I get the same errors again for the second AP:

nl80211: Create interface iftype 3 (AP)
nl80211: New interface wlan0:0 created: ifindex=3
nl80211: Add own interface ifindex 3
Could not set interface wlan0:0 hwaddr: Device or resource busy
nl80211: Remove interface ifindex=3
Failed to add BSS (BSSID=fa:XX:XX:XX:XX:41)
wlan0: Unable to setup interface.

It seems to me that hostapd is successful in creating wlan0:0, however,
wlan0 is already busy, and therefore the max of wlan:0 can not be set.
Is my assumption correct? And is there some way to solve that problem?

> AFAIK the MAC address of the first interface must end with "0". You do not need 

That's why I'm trying to set the mac/bssid.

> to specify it in hostapd.conf, its incremented automatically for every 
> subsequent interface. Also make sure your hostapd is at least version 0.7.3

It's 1.0

Best regards,

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