[PATCH] wpa_supplicant: abort scan after removing all networks

Spinadel, David david.spinadel
Mon Oct 29 01:02:27 PDT 2012

> This one is also whitespace damaged..
Sorry for that, It's a side effect from my Windows machine that I'm using for Emails. I'll fix it.
> Could you please explain why this change is needed? wpa_supplicant stops scanning if there are no enabled
> networks.
It's especially needed for scheduled scan, but we can stop the regular scans as well.

> >         if (wpa_config_remove_network(wpa_s->conf, ssid->id) < 0) {
> Is this correct? This is removing just one network and there could be other
> enabled networks that are being scanned.

My mistake, will fix it.

Intel Israel (74) Limited

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